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Northern Swedish know-how boosts process plant performance

EPN Solutions is a consortium of several small and medium-sized companies. What we offer customers can be summed up as TOTAL RESPONSIBILITY. We take on qualified industrial projects and turnkey contracts using a versatile, cost-efficient organization and broad specialist knowledge on assignments chiefly from the Swedish process industry.

EPN Solutions companies have long experience and broad knowledge of process industry solutions not only in plant construction but also over the whole process industry concept. We ensure quality, on-time scheduling, production, assembly and installation.

EPN Solutions offers services in four business areas:


A proprietary, energy-efficient, eco-friendly deicing system for railway rolling stock. Works as well on frozen freight as it does on locomotives, carriages and freight wagons.

Turnkey projects

Complex industrial assignments with operations such as design, construction, manufacturing, assembly, electrical installations and training.

Partial contracting

Within e.g. design, construction, manufacturing, assembly, electrical installations, training and CE marking of machinery.

Engineering services

• Preliminary studies
• Mechanical engineering, machinery, process media technology and design.
• Electrotechnology and design.
• Process control and automation
• Metrology, instrumentation
• Project management and project planning
• CE certification, risk analysis and skills enhancement
• Industrial processes

A strong partner for Swedish process industry

Our customers are principally major international industrial companies in the pulp, mining, steel, chemical technology and forestry industries.

Versatility makes assignments large and small effective

Thanks to the collective expertise and know-how of our owners we are able to offer unsurpassed versatility and cost efficiency in everything from minor engineering services to complicated major industrial projects. Something we’re pretty much alone in.

Three collaborating companies

EPN Solutions was formed in 2007 and is owned by the following companies:
NBP Äger AB • BSG Consulting AB • Haraholmens Industrimekaniska AB

What’s more, our broad, comprehensive network includes a great number of well-qualified engineers.

Contact us for further information and proposals before your next project.

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